This Crab Stack starter recipe will bring you boundless joy in the form of a lifetime of delicious introduction to a paleo meal. Served cold and shelf life for 2- 3 days and good for 10 persons.


Crab mix & salsa:

  • Crab meat 700 gms
  • Lemon juice 80 ml
  • Olive oil 50 ml
  • Papaya 300 gms
  • Onion 100 gms
  • Tomato 200 gms
  • Coriander 50 gms
  • Chives 50 gms
  • Salt 50 gms
  • White pepper 50 gms


  • Avocado 400 gms
  • Plum tomato 150 gms
  • Red onion 100 gms
  • Olive oil 80 gms
  • Lemon juice 50 ml
  • Salt to taste gms
  • White pepper To taste gms

Salad & dressing:

  • Rocket leaves 250 gms
  • Dijon mustard 30 gms
  • Lemon juice 100 gms
  • Olive oil 200 ml

Tomato relish:

  • Plum tomatoes 600 gms
  • Garlic 70 gms
  • Honey 50 ml
  • Hickory 20 gms
  • Pepper to taste gms
  • Balsamic vinegar 50 gms
  • Sunflower oil 15 ml
  • Salt to taste gms


  • Fresh lemon 3pc
  • Coriander leaf 1pc


Step 1: Using two bowls, place one bowl with ice and one with crab, place the crab bowl on top of the ice and pick all the excess bones. 

Step 2: Transfer the crab in a different bowl, add chopped chives, coriander and olive oil and place in the fridge.

Step 3: Peel the ripe papaya and the onion, dice them into small cubes and place them into different containers.

Step 4: Cut the tomatoes into quarters, remove the seeds and cut into half a centimeter dices.

Step 5: Remove the crab from the fridge and mix all the above ingredients, season to taste and place back in the fridge.

Step 6: For guacamole, peel the avocado, remove the stone and place in a bowl, using a folk squash the avocado into a semi smooth paste.

Step 7: Cut the tomatoes and onion into dices same process as above, mix with avocado, add lemon juice, olive oil, season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 8: For the salad, pick, wash and dry using either kitchen towel or salad spinner.

Step 9: In a bowl, place the mustard, lemon juice and add olive oil bit by bit, using a whisk mix well till all the ingredients are incorporated.

Step 10: Using a heavy pan, place on a medium heat, add sunflower oil, garlic and sauté for two minutes.

Step 11: Add the plum tomatoes and cook until most of the liquid evaporates and a paste is foamed.

Step 12: Turn down the heat, add hickory, balsamic vinegar and honey. Cook for ten more minutes.

Step 13: Place the tomato relish on an ice bath or blast chiller to cool.

Step 14: For garnish pick the coriander and slice the lemon into quarters.

Step 15: For plating, place a round ring on the plate, start by plating the tomato salsa followed by the crab meat, topped with a quenelle of guacamole.

Step 16: Dress the salad with the lemon dressing and place at one side of the plate as per the picture.

Step 17: Using two spoons, make a quenelle of tomato relish and plate in between the salad and the crab

Step 18: Garnish with quarter lemon and coriander and serve cold.

Step 19: Good for ten people.


– Calories: 454  gms
– Fat:         33.6 gms
– Carbs:    14     gms
– Protein:  19.6  gms